Skipping The Breakfast May Develop Obesity In Kids And Adolescents

Skipping The Breakfast May Develop Obesity In Kids And Adolescents

Recently, researchers from the USP’s (University of São Paulo) Medical School, Brazil, and colleagues at organizations in Europe assessed behaviors causing weight gain in adolescents. Childhood obesity can favor the premature appearance of health problems like cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. The study was published in Scientific Reports. The main outcome was that skipping breakfast—which is a common habit amongst teenagers—correlated directly with amplified waist circumference and BMI (body mass index) in this age group. The routine can induce unhealthy behaviors and an unbalanced diet, potentially making the youngsters vulnerable to weight gain.

Elsie Costa de Oliveira Forkert—Member of the YCARE (Youth/Child Cardiovascular Risk and Environmental) Research Group in the USP—said, “We have found that avoiding breakfast is linked with adiposity markers in teenagers regardless of how much sleep they get and where they live, or whether they are female or male. By skipping breakfast, millions of kids and adolescents across the globe are possibly replacing a healthy homemade meal as well as dairy products, fruits, and whole-grain cereal with fast food at a location while going to school, or at the school itself.”

On a related note, recently, a study showed that skipping breakfast is associated with surged peril of cardiovascular death. The new data underscores the significance of eating breakfast daily, according to research. The study was published in the JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology). For research, the data was collected from the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) that was assembled from 1988–1994. The study showed volunteers who never ate breakfast had an 87% higher menace of cardiovascular disease-specific death compared to those who consumed breakfast daily.

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