Aeronautical Navigation Casework Has Successfully Taken Off

Aeronautical Navigation Casework Has Successfully Taken Off

Recently, an app has been developed so as to help provide the pilots with the navigational data and weather conditions while on a flight in order to maintain safety. The app is assumed to become commercial by the end of the year. The pilots generally find the flight plan to be quite cumbersome and here is where the app comes to their rescue. The app will have to process through a large amount of data related to weather patterns, fuel consumption, ground topology, and other flight details. The SkyLiberty is the name given to the new aeronautical navigation support service. The ESA and Belgian-based ESNAH have partnered so as to develop a solitary device.

The device is designed such that it can tally the aeronautical, meteorological, and geographical data with airspace regulation information. The pilots will be provided with an option to tailor their flight plan using SkyLiberty. The moment the device takes its flight then there is a continuous flow of data based on the location and weather conditions. As the device is integrated with information on airspace regulations, the pilots and their ground-based support receive an alert the moment the flight starts to hover toward restricted airspace like nuclear reactors, commercial airports, or tall buildings.

The ground staff and the pilot find the device to be quite helpful in terms of traffic and safe air journey. The flying institutions and air traffic can also use the app to keep a note of the flight paths of smaller aircraft and also to communicate with the pilots. The device glued to the Diamond DA40 is on a journey from Belgium to Spain, France, the Canary Islands, Portugal, and Morocco. This journey is believed to help the pilots prove the device’s efficiency. Similarly, UCI Health has collaborated with Connexient, an IT company, to integrate its indoor mapping and navigation software with the health system’s Epic MyChart mobile app. The addition of navigation software is expected to help patients gather details such as lab reports, nearby hospitals, appointment information, and drug details. The navigation software is proving quite beneficial for the medical, defense, and aeronautical fields.

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