Prototype VR Bangle By Facebook Vibrates And Squeezes Your Wrists

Prototype VR Bangle By Facebook Vibrates And Squeezes Your Wrists

If VR is ever going to become common, it is going to require ditching the massive accessories while still allowing users to communicate with the virtual realm. It is a thought that scientists at Reality Labs by Facebook are designing with a prototype dubbed Tasbi. The hardware is a wrist-worn, chunky haptic bangle that employs a combination of vibrations and squeezes to allow you “experience” what you are doing in-game.

As clarified by media, the concept is that you would wear one Tasbi your wrists, allowing you to get a sensation when you push buttons, pick up objects, or touch a surface. It seems that, although your fingers are not touching anything, Tasbi is sufficiently smart to make you believe you are. Desolately, Tasbi does not do hand/skeleton/finger tracking, and so might have to be mixed with a sensor for computer vision.

It stays to be seen if Tasbi might work for everybody, and Facebook commits to publishing its research documents on the hardware in the near time. But it is inspiring to know that firms are looking at methods to bridge one of the largest gaps between what we see on screen and us.

On a related note, representatives of Facebook Groups can shortly get more leeway in managing who views the comments posted on their forums. The US Patent Office earlier gave Facebook a patent for the moderation of content that might allow representatives to restrict viewership of posts by “problematic” consumers. Media defined it as a patent for “shadow barring.”

The firm, together with other social media majors such as Instagram and Twitter, has been blamed by critics for secretly limiting who views the content of a user. But a closer look at the claims of the patent appears to define a function that is particularly meant to assist moderators and admins of pages on Facebook.

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