There Is More Water On The Moon Than Earlier Thought

There Is More Water On The Moon Than Earlier Thought

A trio of scientists at the UC (University of California) has found clues that indicate there is far more ice on the exterior of the moon than has earlier believed. The research was published in the journal Nature Geoscience and was led by Jaahnavee Venkatraman, Lior Rubanenko, and David Paige. The researchers described their study of similarities amid craters on the moon, craters on Mercury, and what they found. Previously researchers used data from the Arecibo Observatory and NASA’s MESSENGER spaceship also found clues of ice on Mercury.

As a part of this new attempt, the scientists assessed depth/diameter proportions of 2,000 craters on the planet by using Mercury Laser Altimeter statistics. In doing so, they discovered that eternally shadowed craters became lesser shallow at higher latitudes, which is an indication of ice. Back in 2009, as a part of the LCROSS operation, scientists facilitated an empty stage of the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) launch vehicle to smash into the floor of a crater nearly the moon’s the South Pole. After testing the debris cloud by detectors onboard the Shepherding Spacecraft, evidence of water and ice was seen, along with other material.

Recently, NASA was in news for tracking three huge asteroids and one was closer than the moon. According to the space agency, three asteroids flew by Earth in recent time, though none of them were stated as a threat. The asteroid 2019 OD was the closest, hovering closer to the Earth in comparison to the moon. It will pass Earth’s orbit within 222,164 Miles of the surface and the moon is 238,900 Miles away. Reportedly, the asteroid is 393 Feet at its widest point and is passing at 42,926 miles per hour speed. In June, astronomers disclosed that telescopes can provide adequate warning to allow people to go away from an asteroid hit on Earth.

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