NASA Seeks Designs For Potential Lunar Lander From The US Companies

NASA Seeks Designs For Potential Lunar Lander From The US Companies

NASA, the US space agency, has called upon the American aerospace firms to present comprehensive concepts and designs for vehicles that could get 2 astronauts by 2024 to the lunar surface. This American goal was reaffirmed on the Apollo 11 mission’s 50th anniversary. The space agency called the appeal for ideas a “key step forward” for Artemis, its latest mission to the Moon.

Documents have been issued by NASA elucidating exhaustively what exactly it is in search of taking the lunar lander into consideration, which is supposed to ferry 2 astronauts, 1 female, to the South Pole of the Moon, where they will dwell for 6 and a half days. Eleven firms comprising the leading ones in the sector such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing were selected in May to direct feasibility studies and built models by November. Besides, newcomers like SpaceX of Elon Musk and Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos were also on the list. Blue Origin, that same month, divulged Blue Moon—its lander project.

At present, the space agency has offered dozens of pages of stipulations that must be fulfilled in terms of communications, spacesuits, and onboard electronics. Any firm can respond, not merely the eleven selected earlier in the year. NASA, after obtaining the retorts, is anticipated to decide in a matter of months which firm will develop the lander and in what manner. It will be the correspondent of the lunar unit that took Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in 1969 to the Moon.

On the other end, one more success recorded for TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) of NASA as it found 3 striking planets residing at a close-by star. Of which, one is a super-Earth, a little larger than Earth, whereas the other 2 are Neptune-like exoplanets—such similar ones cannot be found in our own solar system.

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