Facebook To Tag Its Name On WhatsApp And Instagram

Facebook To Tag Its Name On WhatsApp And Instagram

Despite stricter antitrust inspections on giant tech organizations, Facebook seems to rebrand its two successfully acquired global leading social networking platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram. According to the report released by The Information, the employees have been informed that the company would attach its name to WhatsApp and Instagram. The renowned services will then be titled as “WhatsApp from Facebook” and “Instagram from Facebook,” respectively.

A spokesperson from Facebook confirmed the rebranding decision, stating that the company wants to be more specific about the products and services that are its parts. However, if the company is looking to back up popular services, it may have to hold some crucial responsibilities. In the past few years, the company has experienced blames concerning repeated privacy scandals.

This rebranding decision isn’t entirely surprising either. A tech blogger and app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, indicated Facebook’s recently revealed decision in March 2019. The co-founders of Facebook-acquired WhatsApp and Instagram have already made their exits.

On a related note, Apple’s new iOS could push the social networking giant to modify its WhatsApp and Messenger app. The Information reports depicted that Apple wouldn’t let these applications to run VoIP in the background. VoIP is crucial for apps like WhatsApp and Messenger to run effectively and connect the calls more rapidly. To avoid any sort of hampering in Messenger and WhatsApp services on iOS devices, Facebook may have to reorganize both the apps, according to The Information.

Apart from Facebook apps, other messaging platforms are using VoIP to run in the background and deliver services effectively.

At the time of revealing the major change in the new iOS update, Apple specified that this modification would help in securing the privacy and improve the devices’ performance. However, some articulate the modification would help Apple to grab an audience for iMessage, Facebook’s Messenger rival.

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