DARPA Awards BAE Machine Learning Technology Development Contract

DARPA Awards BAE Machine Learning Technology Development Contract

BAE Systems is awarded the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)’s 2nd phase of an existing deal worth $12.8 Million. The digital tools development intended for the testing and evaluation of technologies of space command and control is the motive of this contract, with the 2nd phase’s focus on the machine learning use for space and situational awareness.

In November 2017, BAE Systems was initially given the contract for Hallmark-TCEM (Hallmark Tools, Capabilities, and Evaluation Methodology) program in which operators were supposed to get assistance on advancing their space events understanding and improving their responding ability in critical situations that can impact U.S. satellites in space. Fast Labs R&D division from BAE Systems was engaged in carrying out this work. In a news release, BAE Systems stated, “The production of the cognitive-based machine learning algorithms and data models will be done by the firm. These models advance the capability of space operators to foresee possible threats as well as spot nonstandard activities.”

John Hogan, BAE Systems’ Product Line Director for Sensor Processing And Exploitation Group, stated, “With the employment of this technology, we hope to decrease the operator’s workload by offering them a solution that can predict space events such as satellite movements or launches automatically on the basis of millions of pieces of data, to assist them in making fast decisions to circumvent any possible threats.”

On a similar note, recently the European Space Agency announced that it will carry out more test of parachutes, which are to be used on the ExoMars 2020 lander mission. Last week, the agency had performed the same test, which failed and might disturb the mission’s schedule. In this test carried out at the Esrange test location in northern Sweden, a high-altitude balloon was used. The aim of this test was to exhibit the 35-meter parachute’s deployment.

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