NASA Says India’s ASat Test Debris Still Floating In Space

Orbital Debris Quarterly News is an assessment that measures the amount of debris in space and in the latest edition NASA claims that there are over 101 pieces of debris that are large enough to be tracked, out of these 49 remains in the orbit as of July 15.NASA revealed in a report that India’s anti-satellite test which was conducted on March 27 has left a lot of debris in the space.

According to the report, a lot of debris that was created on March 27 due to the test has already disintegrated, but the smaller pieces may still be floating around in the orbit. Under the test, India showcased its power to destroy satellites by shutting down Its Microsat-R satellite. By completing the test, India has become one of the only 4 countries that have the technology to destroy enemy nation’s space infrastructure.

In response to the report, Ministry of External Affairs of India said that the test was conducted in the lower atmosphere so that there will be no debris left. They added that whatever debris is left there will decay and fall back on earth in a few weeks. NASA claims that their report about the debris is first credible report about the issue and the first of its kind that brings the matter to public eyes. NASA has also stated that the debris from the test may pose some threat to the International Space Station (ISS).

According to the report, India had a total of 97 functional, as well as non functional but completely intact satellites as on June 30 and a total of 157 pieces of space debris which is big enough to be tracked. The report revealed that there are a total of 19,404 large objects in the orbit and out of that near about 14,432 is just junk and space debris.

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