Google ups its ante in privacy…will let users erase YouTube history

Google is working on rolling out a new privacy feature which will enable users to clear out their digital footprints from every Google based service. All this is being done while making efforts to maintain their security so that they can stay safe across the internet.

The first in the list is the new password check-up tool. This will let you audit all your passwords that you have saved across different Google services. It provides details about your passwords in a single click. It will tell you the websites that you have out the same password on, how many of them are vulnerable and also how many of them are already compromised due to data breaches.

A lot of people reuse the same password across multiple websites, which is tempting as it will be easy to remember. But the problem here is that even if 1 of your accounts is compromised, all the other accounts that have the same password will become vulnerable to attacks.

It is also announced that the AI virtual assistant that powers Google’s smart home integrations and voice enabled searches will automatically delete the last question asked to it. For English, the updates will be rolled out by next month and for other languages it may take 2-3 months.

Chrome and Youtube’s incognito mode, that allows you to hide your identity while browsing is also scheduled to be implemented on Google maps. You will be able to turn it on and off according to your preference from the setting menus. The android app will be receiving this update in a few weeks but there are no official dates for iOS users.

Google also rolled out a feature that will automatically delete your browsing history from various Google based services and now this feature is also coming to YouTube. This will enable users to manually delete their history or set schedules to automatically do so.

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