Boeing eyes international government buyers for GEO satellites

Vice President at Global commercial satellites sales of Boeing, Eric Jensen said that Boeing is about to come into a deal with several international buyers for the purpose of their latest communications satellite bus that is targeted towards small geosynchronous market. During the International Astronautical Congress 2019 which is scheduled this week, the firm has decided to offer several clients to pitch Boeing 702x spacecraft. He also mentioned that they already have a group at IAC. They are soon going to involve possible customers from both commercial and national levels.

Boeing had declared during September 2019 at Paris’ Euroconsult’s yearly World Satellite Business Week conference that they were about to bring 702x series of spacecraft in the market to contest in the increasing market of small geostationary orbit satellites. 702x small GEO bus is quite alike O3b mPower satellite that Boeing is manufacturing for SES’s demand of medium Earth orbit constellation of satellites that are high-throughput. In order to move a step ahead from other competitors, Boeing has merged 702 small and medium with a latest developed digital payload.

Jensen commented that since the Euroconsult conference was held, they have been getting news regarding increasing interests amongst small governments. Due to the utilization of a reprogrammable digital payload as well as the compact electronics, it is now feasible that almost half a size of 4000 kilogram satellite would have all of its potential. Boeing considers Airbus to be their biggest competitor in this regard. Jensen did not reveal names of nations that have shown interest for 702x satellite. However, he did say that few capable clients include those nations that are presently either in partnership or users in Wideband Global Satcom of the government of United States. Such nations are – Norway, Canada, Luxembourg, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands and New Zealand.

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