Sync 4 System By Ford Will Have Wireless Android Auto And CarPlay Support

Almost 5 Years after it launched Sync 3, Ford is upgrading its in-built infotainment system with a tons of functions its users have been asking for quite some time. When Sync 4 comes in specific Ford cars beginning next year, it will comprise wireless support for both Android Auto and CarPlay. In addition to this, some Sync 4 cars will comprise wireless charging, so you will be capable of taking one less wire with you when you go in one of the firm’s new vehicles for a drive.

One more primary selling point of Sync 4 is compatibility with a wider range of sizes for screen. As per Ford, the service will operate with screens as huge as 15 inches and as tiny as 8 inches. Ford also aims to begin making portrait-based displays. The bigger screens will ship with a latest multitasking function dubbed as Adaptive Dash Cards.

Fundamentally, these cards are dashboard widgets you will be capable of tapping on to access specific functions swiftly. For example, one of the Dash Cards will let you to skip and pause songs without having to go into the music app of Ford. In the meantime, the new 12-inch displays Ford aims to ship within some of its next cars will let you to divide the display into tinnier windows so that you can use various apps simultaneously.

If you buy the firm’s elective FordPass Connect extension, your Sync 4 car will also be capable of connecting to the cloud. This will let you to take benefit of voice instructions to send email messages & SMS and ask for directions.

On a related note, Ford is expecting to induce fence sitters to finally opt for an electric car by making it simpler to detect charging stations. The firm has launched the FordPass Charging Network that it claims comprises a huge amount of charging stations (almost 12,000) with over 35,000 plugs in the US.

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