Facebook gets a new logo to retain separate identity from apps

As a new way to keep up the promises for bringing up more transparency, Facebook has come up with a colorful logo. A new logo has been announced for Facebook this Monday to differentiate the parent from the other apps.

The new logo contains the word Facebook (FB) in a new font in capital letters which alternates between the colors green, blue and hues of red, orange and purple. This has been a move to bring more clarity about its apps to its consumers. A survey which was conducted recently by the nonpartisan fact tank, Pew said that only about 29% of the US people knew that Whatsapp and Instagram were Facebook owned apps. In a blog post Facebook said that people should be aware of the firms which make the products that they are using. The new logo will be used by the company on the marketing materials and their products over the coming weeks.

The company had plans of integrating its messaging platforms like Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp and to focus more on the privacy issue. This would include encryption of communications and this will make it possible for the users to send their messages to any of their contacts using any of their services. The new move will be in fact cementing the dominance of Facebook over other apps over the coming years. The thing to be noted is that this move has come at the right time when these tech companies are facing great antitrust scrutiny.

The Attorney general of New York had announced in October that Facebook was being investigated for any evidence of any anticompetitive practices by 47 attorney generals of state. The main concern of the states involved were that consumer data has been put at risk by Face book. They were also concerned that the quality of choices for consumers was reduced and also the prices of advertising were increased.

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