A NASA evolution shows the evolution of dinosaurs.

NASA’s latest animation has shown that at the time when the dinosaurs ruled the planet earth, it had been completely on the other side of the galaxy.

Jessie Christiansen, who is a scientist from NASA, has shown through the animation the closest possible estimate of the duration of the reign of the dinosaurs and how in comparison, the humans have been as the scientist traced the movement of the solar system in the Milky Way.

The Sun of the earth orbits around the centre of the galaxy as it completes the rotation after close to every 250 million years. The animation has showed that the last time this solar system was at the point where it is currently in the galaxy, the Triassic Period had been in full swing and the dinosaurs had just begun their emergence.

Most of the iconic dinosaurs had roamed around the Earth when it was at a very different part of the galaxy.

Christiansen had got this idea of illustrating the history when she led a stargazing party. To the astonishment of the attendees, she mentioned that that the Solar System was across the galaxy at the time dinosaurs were roaming.

Christiansen said that this had been the first time when she realised that the time scales of archaeological and the records of fossils and timescales do match together. This is when she got the idea of mapping out the evolution of dinosaurs through the rotation of the galaxy.

She said that it took her close to four hours for making the film which she made by the use of timed animations in PowerPoint where she also corrected a couple of minor corrections in the text.

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