Bollinger’s Badass Electric Vehicle Utility Trucks To Launch In 2021

The era of automotive electrification is upon us once again. Startups such as Lordstown and Rivian are joining industry stalwarts such as Hummer and Ford in designing the next gen of EV pickups and SUVs. But none of them can measure up against the sheer utility and power of the Bollinger B2 and B1, which the firm touted the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show this week.

You may recall Bollinger from the 2017 LAAS when the firm launched its original 2-door EV truck model. And now 2 Years later Bollinger has returned with 2 new concept cars each with 2 extra doors. There is the B2, a sport utility pickup, and the B1, a sport utility 4-seat truck with an enclosed back end.

From the front quarter panels, the cars are impossible to tell apart. Both are fitted with a couple of electric motors creating 614 horsepower of a total power and torque of 668 ft-lb. That offers it a 0–60 with a 100 MPH top speed in 4.5 seconds—not quite as swift as the 3 second score by Rivian R1T but still quicker as compared to virtually any gas-based pick up presently in the market. The B’s are just as competent off-road as they are on road. Each provides ground clearance of 15 Inches that can be lowered or raised an extra 5 Inches. The hydropneumatic suspensions can adjust the level when transporting heavy goods and both provide AWD.

“The way the suspension is developed, it will feel the same way using it whether you are transporting 5,000 Pounds or not,” the company’s founder, Robert Bollinger, claimed to the media. The Bollingers get all that energy from a huge battery pack worth 120 kWh set below the car’s floor with the help of same basic “skateboard” design.

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