September Slated For Lifting-Off 8th HTV Space Station Cargo Mission By JAXA

September Slated For Lifting-Off 8th HTV Space Station Cargo Mission By JAXA

September 10 is the date slated for Japan’s eighth resupply mission to the ISS (International Space Station). This mission will be ferrying another set of crew provisions, experiments, and upgraded batteries for the orbiting research lab, as declared by the space agency of the nation. The 8th H-2 Transfer Vehicle will launch from the Tanegashima Space Center, situated on Tanegashima Island nearby the southwestern extent of main islands of Japan onboard an H-2B rocket.

As per the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the launch is scheduled on September 10 for 2133 GMT (5:33 p.m. EDT), or on September 11 for 6:33 a.m. Japan Standard Time. Taking an on-time liftoff into consideration, the HTV is anticipated to reach ISS by September 14. Over 7,700 Pounds of experiments and supplies will be ferried to the ISS by the automated cargo freighter, said the Space agency. That number doesn’t comprise support hardware utilized to arrange the payloads of the HTV within the spacecraft for the space tour.

The HTV mission slated for liftoff in September will ferry 6 lithium-ion batteries to the ISS to refurbish the external power system of the orbiting research lab. The robotic arm of the station, later this year, with the assistance of astronauts on 2 spacewalks will confiscate old nickel-hydrogen batteries from a part of the orbiting lab’s outboard truss and substitute them with the higher-capacity, new lithium-ion batteries.

Likewise, recently JAXA had also displayed a stunning new animation of the 2nd landing mission accomplished by Hayabusa2 spacecraft on July 11. The representation—that plays at 10x the real speed of the landing—demonstrates the spacecraft landing on, and then moving back, from Ryugu. Cam-H, the monitor camera of Hayabusa2 tipped past the sampler horn of the spacecraft, captured the moment of landing. Cam-H, developed through a joint endeavor between the Tokyo University of Science and JAXA, was set up with the assistance of public contributions.

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