1300-Class Communications Satellite Of Maxar Working Smoothly After Launch

1300-Class Communications Satellite Of Maxar Working Smoothly After Launch

An innovator and a trusted partner in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure, Maxar Technologies, has made a declaration regarding the high-power Intelsat 39 communications satellite. This satellite developed for Intelsat has being lifted-off successfully and is working as per the plan. Signals were sent and received by the Intelsat 39 after liftoff from the Arianespace launch base located in Kourou, French Guiana, onboard an Ariane 5 rocket.

Now, Intelsat 39 will start blazing its thrusters to drive toward its ultimate orbit at 62° East longitude. Intelsat 39, once operating, will offer broadband connectivity and video distribution services across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Also, the satellite will improve mobile connectivity for maritime, government, and aero users functioning in the Indian Ocean area.

Equipped with Ku-band as well as C-band transponders, Intelsat 39 is founded on a decades-verified 1300-class platform of Maxar, which provides high reliability, flexibility, and power to back a wide array of technology advances and applications. All-electric propulsion, which offers effectiveness for satellite operators by decreasing launch mass while enhancing spacecraft performance and flexibility, will be used by the satellite to uphold its place.

Likewise, Amos-17, a Boeing-developed 702 digital satellite, will offer cost-effective internet access along with other communications services to comprehend regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This recently lifted-off satellite will begin operations in a few months following on-orbit checks and stirring to its ultimate location over Africa.

AMOS-17, developed on the 702 satellite platform of Boeing, will provide internet, data, and television services to a budding market entailing hundreds of millions of individuals in its coverage areas. The multi-band AMOS-17 satellite, with both steerable and fixed beams, can offer incessant service to long-standing users while shifting bandwidth to serve short-term stipulation for high-capacity throughput, for instance, during natural disasters or special events.

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