Hyperfine, Yale School Of Medicine Unite To Implement Portable MRI System

This Monday on 14 Oct., the Yale School of Medicine along with Hyperfine Research Inc. announced the collaboration for taking the initiative in use of the first-ever low-cost and portable magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI). The system will be tested in neuro-intensive care unit (NICU) of Yale’s New Haven Hospital. For the further testing, it will be installed nearby the bedside of patients admitted in the NICU.

As per the system configurations, this portable tool can be operated in any healthcare setting, by just simply plugging it on and off the wall socket, by the bedside of the patient. Hyperfine is more keen on making the MRI available and accessible for anyone at anytime and anywhere in the perspectives of inventing point-of-care (POC).

This 2-year study affiliated by American Heart Association will focus on gaining data of richer quality as well as providing safe, feasible and efficient treatment with cheaper costs with the help of this newly designed MRI.

According to Prof. Kevin N. Sheth—M.D., Neurology and Neurosurgery—the current MRI system needs to be operated in very strict manner and its high-field magnetism brings limitations on access. Though the current system is safe and generating accurate results, it is more difficult to be operated and accessed by both, the clinicians and the patients, especially when there is an emergency. The new technology is also as safe as the current one. Additionally its portable and easy-to-understand mechanism is less time-consuming and more effort-saving.

Yale’s New Haven Hospital is the first hospital which is going to implement this POC MRI system for the first time for treating the patients in NICU.  This tool will also overcome the barriers that previously made it difficult to give routine MRI treatment on patients admitted in NICU and those who were unable to transport because of their unstable health conditions.

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