Cows Using VR Headsets May Generate Better Milk

It is not just mankind who can advantage from VR. Moscow-region farmers strapped altered VR headsets to cows to see if it enhanced their mood—and, certainly, production of their milk. The program subjected cattle to a fake summer field with colors tuned for the eyes of animals, offering them a distinctly more pleasing surrounding versus a confining, plain farm. And yes, the devices were modified to the “structural features” of cows so that they can properly see.

It seems to have been a success, at least on a fundamental level. The first test lowered the anxiety of the cows and increased their general sentiment. While it is not sure how well this impacts the volume or quality of milk, there are plans for an additionally “comprehensive” research to answer that query.

The study begs a few queries. Why not just place the cows more often in fields? How do you cope with life of battery? And is there a danger of disturbing cows when you show them dreary reality and take their devices off? In a way, it is a solution to an issue humans have generated. Those problems aside, this can be an alternative for farms where summery fields just are not accessible, or where current methods (like piping in happy songs) may not be effectual. Just do not hope for a bovine edition of Beat Saber any time shortly.

On a related note, there is plethora of speculation surrounding how 5G will affect our everyday lives—from turning on self-driving vehicles to apparently instant downloads. But we may learn how it will affect cows before most people place it to the test. Almost 50 dairy cattle in England are now using smart high-speed collars that manage robotic milking systems. It is both a method to try 5G’s ability in agriculture and to market one of the rural network tests by Cisco Systems Inc.

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